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Need A Helping Hand


Prayer Requests

When you need help, call on God through prayer. And don’t forget to ask others to pray for you, if you are comfortable with that sort of thing.  If you wish to share your joys, sorrows or concerns with the Minister (anonymously or openly), do drop me a line and I will commit to pray for you.

Hospitals & Home Visits

Illness and infirmity can isolate a person from the believers they have come to know and love. But that isolation can be relieved. All it takes is a visit from someone who offers prayer, godly encouragement, and news from the church.


Our minister and other church folk regularly visit people whose health problems are hindering their participation in worship services, and other church activities.  However, we don’t always hear about everyone who is unwell in good time.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Minister or Session Clerk if you know of someone who would appreciate a visit. 


God can lead you through a difficult time or crisis through conversation, prayer and spiritual direction offered by the ministers or trained elders in Dunglass Parish.  You do not have to struggle alone. Whatever life challenge you face — from the death of an unborn baby to abandonment by a long-time spouse — wise counsel, and patient friends who know that real change takes time can help.


If you are experiencing an emergency contact the emergency services at 999 or contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90.

Hospitals & Home Visits: Please note

Due to new Data Protection rules, it would be helpful if you could provide the patient’s name and date of birth, and the name of the hospital or nursing facility, and the dates they are expected to be there.

For home visits, a simple note of individual’s name, home address, and home phone number would suffice.  Please hand this info to the elder or minister on a Sunday, or drop it into the Manse in Cockburnspath or leave a message on our Contact Us page.

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